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Cell Phones

Classroom: All students must place cell phones in the area designated by the teacher while in the classroom setting. No student should have a cell phone in their possession while in the classroom. Cell phones may be used for instructional purposes only when identified by the teacher. Students may not use electrical devices or cell phones transitioning between classes.

School Bus: Cell phones should not be visible or used on the school bus at anytime. Additionally, students should not use cell phones to play games or listen to music on the school bus.

In-School Suspension (ISS): Cell phones must be turned in to the ISS instructor upon arrival. Students are not allowed to have cell phones in the ISS room.

Please Note: It is a violation of one's rights to take pictures and/or record individuals against their will regardless of age for personal gain or public use. Highland Home School administration will enforce the Crenshaw County Schools Code of Conduct if the guidelines for cell phones or electronic devices are violated.
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School Closed Friday January 19, 2018

Good afternoon! EMA officials are still saying that roads in the northern part of the county are not in a safe condition for buses. With this being the case, I am cancelling school again tomorrow. However, all 12 month personnel report to work at 8:00. If you live on a road that is impassable or closed, please notify your immediate supervisor. Please stay safe!
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